Kid Gets Tongue Stuck In Water Bottle

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I’ve been seeing and hearing news reports of children getting their tongues stuck in metal water bottles. So I decided to show my 10 year old son this picture featured on The Today Show:

 Kid Gets Tongue Stuck In Water BottleHe took one look and said, “Oh yea, the tongue vacuum.” I said, “Sooo, you’ve tried this?” He adamantly replied, “NO! NEVER!” But the cat was already out of the bag because he went white in the face and a mom can always tell. I continued, “You know, your tongue can get stuck in ANY bottle. Glass, metal, plastic…”  And THAT’S what got his attention. “Any bottle… even a Camelbak?” he asked.  “Yes, honey… ANY bottle.”

Turns out he HAS tried this stupid stunt with a Camelbak sports bottle which has a very small valve opening…but a still, I told him that a even a part of his tongue can get stuck because of the vacuum.  Kid Gets Tongue Stuck In Water Bottle

This time he took notice and I could see he didn’t think it was funny anymore. So take a moment today to talk to your kids about this safety issue. Tell them, be smart, keep your tongue in YOUR MOUTH! (And that goes for when they’re a teenagers too!)  :)

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