Kate Winslet Secret Titanic Wedding

Kate Winslet got married in a super-di-dooper-secret seremony (yes, I did that on purpose-cuz I’m a dork) to Richard Branson’s nephew, Ned Rocknroll in New York earlier this month.  You ARE correct in your thinking, “That CAN’T be his REAL name.” The 34-year-old businessman was born Abel Smith and he currently works for his uncle’s company Virgin Galactic, which is the space-travel division of the Branson empire. Golden-Globes-2012-Kate-Winslet-Goes-Public-with-Ned-Rocknroll-2You know what else…. this guy Ned looks A LOT like Kate’s uber-rich on-screen Titanic fiance played so well by Billy Zane….


But wait, it gets BETTER.  Guess who gave Kate away at the super-secret-wedding?  That’s RIGHT…. Kate’s Titanic love interest and off-screen BFF Leonardo DiCaprio! Kate-Winslet-Leonardo-DiCaprio-Titanic-Pictures No, he didn’t have a wooden door strapped to his back while he gave her away, but that sure would have been funny!  Congratz Mrs. Rocknroll!

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