Facebook Friend Surprises Me With Kind Words

I would like to commend a Facebook friend who I originally thought was callous, but now I see is a true gentleman.  Here’s the whole story:  I have been posting updates and tribute ideas on my Facebook page on a regular basis since the horrific shooting in Newtown.  After I posted a crafting idea as a way of honoring the fallen, this is what Chip Kelly posted, “For God sake Christine just stop talking about it so much !!!..we all know what happened and feel the same way but let the kids rest and give there parents a break from all the media/radio!!!!!”

Here was my original response to him:  “I have family who live in Newtown. (My sister-in-law, Penny and brother-in-law, Thomas & their 3 kids) They know many kids who died. My niece and nephews were in school that day . We go to Newtown often and I’m sad to say Penny and her family are at funerals today. I’m sorry if my families’ grief is disturbing your day. Unlike my page if it’s THAT unbearable.”

Then, this morning…I opened up my Facebook page to find this GENTLEMANLY AND BEAUTIFUL post from Chip Kelly; “OK I think what I said came across the wrong way I have 3 beautiful god given kids although they 18 and older I can only and only want to imagine if those were my kids I used to go on field trips …school lunches…etc and I cherish those days when they were the ages of the kids in Newtown so my heart and soul goes out to all the children and families affected by this horrible tragedy I texted my 3 kids soon as I heard about this and told them I love them “very” much then cried all the way to work .”

For me, the lesson learned is always be kind. Chip’s original post to me was a little harsh…but I could have gone off on him and been rude…but we kept it respectful.  The internet has become a place where there seems to be no consequences for our words….but today, Chip proved that people DO HAVE A HEART and I am proud to say he is my Facebook friend.

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