An Open Letter To Send To YOUR Town Officials

Here are two wonderful, generic letters for you to use if you’d like to contact your town leaders after the Newtown tragedy, but you’re not quite sure what to say.  I certainly hope these letters help you in your quest to ensure all of our children’s safety from now on. I encourage all of you who really care about your children’s safety to use these wonderful template letters…the first one crafted by Facebook peep Melanie Jortner (professional writer, mom of a first grader, two of her brothers are CT police officers and another is the captain of a local fire department…so she’s able to craft a uniquely respectful, yet firm letter.)  Copy and paste this letter, customize it as you see fit and please, please let’s not let these children and educators in Newtown have died in vain.  Let’s start something open dialogue with our town leaders and let’s make this world a safer one from here on out.

Here’s the Melanie Jortner letter for your use:

To all town officials,

The tragic events unfolding in Newtown this week have prompted me to look deep within myself and ask, “Are we doing enough to protect our children?” As President Obama stated in his speech at the vigil, “if we are honest with ourselves, the answer is no.” 

As a parent in this community, I am respectfully writing to demand we start taking action TODAY. While no single law or town decision will prevent all tragedy, we simply can not use that as an excuse not to fight for our children. We must start somewhere.

The police officers and firefighters in this town are amazing. We see their dedication to our community on a daily basis and I know they care for all our town’s citizens. I also understand that they can’t protect our children alone. This letter is my commitment to you, the safety officials of our town. As a parent and member of this community, I am willing to do whatever it takes to increase the safety of our children.

As experts in community safety, I ask you to guide us. Organize a town meeting to discuss our options. Do I need to raise money for officers at each school? Should I break out my hammer and build a fence? I will do whatever it takes. I’m not sure what the right solutions are, but I am 100% confident that all parents in this town are willing to listen to proposals and take immediate action.

My children don’t get on the bus thinking about their safety. They want to go to school to learn something new and have some fun with their friends. Their safety is my job. When they get on that bus, it becomes the job of the whole community. 

I demand better for the children of my town and my state. I am willing to do whatever it takes, but I need your help. We simply can not tolerate this anymore.


A concerned parent, ready to take immediate and necessary action.

The second template letter here was drafted by Facebook friend, Lisa Petachi, and it’s a different call to action letter.  Here it is…

Dear School Administrator:

They could have changed our world. Created a cure for cancer. Sang a song that touched a million. Shared a life-changing vision. 

We will never know what the children of Sandy Hook Elementary school may have become in our world, and although we will continue to ring bells in their honor, they will never have the opportunity to finish their own stories. And the world will be forever changed because of it.

Some feel it is easier to place blame, so a reason can be named for this horrific tragedy, however I’d like to suggest that we take action instead. Governor Dan Malloy suggested that “evil visited” the Sandy Hook community. In the words of a civil rights ambassador, “the only way for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.” So I’d like to suggest that we take action, positive action to counteract these heinous evil actions, to ensure an event like this never happens again in our lifetime.

The actions that I feel are necessary to protect our precious children are: 
– A
– B
– C
– D
– E
– F

I would be happy to volunteer my time and energy to work towards accomplishing these goals with you. Please know that you are not alone in this battle to advocate for proper services to protect our children and teachers. I will do whatever I can to assist you in creating positive change that will create a safe learning environment for our nations future leaders.


A Concerned Parent 
Your Name Here

Be strong for your kids. Be proactive. Be there. Be the parent you’ve always known that you are. And please, let me know how your letter ends up making a difference.  Feel free to share any comments and/or additions and letter ideas here.  Be safe everyone.
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