Olly Murs Is Lonely This Christmas But You Can Cheer Him Up

“My favorite Christmas song is…God, there’s so many!”

When asked by CBS Local to pick his favorite holiday song, Olly Murs only hesitated for a moment while he scrolled through the Christmas music catalog in his head before landing on a UK favorite.

“I only pick this song, and it’s not because I’m single,” Murs insists. “It’s not because I don’t have a girlfriend: ‘Lonely This Christmas’ by Mud. I don’t know if people know the song, but if you haven’t then please check it out on YouTube. It’s a great song.”

Mud are a British glam rock band and “Lonely This Christmas” was the Christmas number 1 in 1974. It’s not well known to us in America, but it’s a favorite that always comes out in the UK around the holidays.

“It’s just got a really good melody…and it feels really Christmas-y for me,” Murs said. “I think everyone’s had a lonely Christmas at some point.”

Murs won’t be all alone this Christmas — he says his favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with his family on Christmas Eve.

“[The whole family] are staying at my house this year, which is great. I’m having a big Christmas dinner at mine, so it’s going to be fun. I’ve got full decorations in my house, I’ve got everything decorated. I’m not going to cook — my mum and dad and that are going to help me cook on Christmas Eve…I’m very lucky, touch wood, that I have had the same family with me on Christmas for many, many, many, many years — since I was born.”

For fans who’d like to be part of Olly’s Christmas, he’s putting together a Christmurs video and needs your submissions by midnight on December 16.

“We’re doing an online thing for ‘Christmurs,’ obviously really clever,” Murs jokes. “Where we’re just getting fans to send in pictures of them at Christmas…Obviously I’ll do something as well. It’s just a nice little message to say Merry Christmas to everyone!”

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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