How Disgusting You REALLY Are

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I’ve been out sick for several days with bronchitis and sinusitis… coughing and hacking and making all kinds of nasty sounds.  My kids have been sick…. friends, everyone seems to suffering from the seasonal crud.  Yes, phlegm is gross… BUT not as gross as a video called “Humans Are Disgusting” that’s getting a lot of hits online. It’s basically just a list of facts that reveal how putrid we humans are… here are the “best” ones:

1. You’ll produce over 10,000 gallsons of saliva in your lifetime… enough to fill 20 hot tubs. Eww.

2.  You’re covered in bacteria.  Even if you’re a “clean” person, that’s just the way it is.  On average, you’ll be exposed to 90 TRILLION bacteria over the course of your life. Wash your hands, sheesh!

3.  Your ‘Eye Boogers’ are called “Gound”.  They’re mostly a mixture of dust, blood cells and dead skin.  Yummy.

4.  Your digestive system also thinks farts are funny.  Allegedly, if you kept passing gas for six years and nine months straight, you’d produce the same amount of energy as an ATOMIC BOMB.   So according to those calculations, John Elliott is only a year away from a massive explosion… LOOK OUT!

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