Top Little-Known Thanksgiving Facts

If you break down the average Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll probably take in a whopping 2500 calories… and that’s NOT counting the drinks, appetizers or seconds.  So I thought… gee, what are some more random Thanksgiving facts? Well, I’m glad I asked!!!  Here are the top little-known Thanksgiving facts:

–Cranberry sauce is neither cranberry nor sauce… but actually a gelatinous compound used by Nike for running shoes.

–Anderson Cooper slices his turkey with his piercing blue eyes.

–If you eat cranberry sauce and Pop Rocks at the same time, you’ll explode.

–Black Friday has now been replaced with Ditch Your Family To buy A cheap Xbox Thursday.

–The morning after the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims rushed to the stores for great deals on muskets and belts with big, huge buckles. (Seriously, it’s true.)

–General Petraeus grabs all the breasts and thighs…. before sitting down for some turkey. (Ba-dum-dum!)

–Though mostly harmless, mashed potato/gravy volcanoes do injure about a dozen people a year.

–Almost as many people fall asleep after Thanksgiving dinner as during an Al Gore climate speech.

–The holiday will cease to exist soon, since the average tween is completely unaware of the word “thanks”.

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