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Katy Perry’s Doppelgänger Is John Mayer?!

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Well, you know what happens when you are with a mate for a while (or a dog for that matter)…you end up looking like them.  Cases in point: Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow when they dated…

 Katy Perrys Doppelgänger Is John Mayer?!

Then Brad and Gwen broke up and Brad hooked up with–and morphed into–Jennifer Aniston… Katy Perrys Doppelgänger Is John Mayer?!

Even Tom Brady looks like a pretty supermodel after marrying Giselle….

 Katy Perrys Doppelgänger Is John Mayer?!

And now, lovely former blue and pink haired beauty Katy Perry has taken on John Mayer’s look… I am just glad she never grew a beard when she was married to Russel Brand!

 Katy Perrys Doppelgänger Is John Mayer?!

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