Randy Jackson Is “Done” But “Not Done” With American Idol

After eleven seasons with American Idol it looks like Randy Jackson, one of the original judges on the show, is calling it quits… Or is he?

TMZ has reported that Randy Jackson is officially leaving the judges table on Idol, which means that for sure there will be three brand new judges since Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have left as well.  It is in the air now if the show will bring on a fourth judge like before, but it is looking like they will.

Although Randy is leaving the judges table he is not completely finished with American Idol. He will now be acting as a “mentor” for the Idol contestants that make it further further in the round!

Now as we all know and it has been reported, Mariah Carey for sure is going to be one of the next judges on American Idol.  It is even 99% confirmed that Nicki Minaj will be Randy Jackson’s replacement.  Although the rumors ran strong for a while about Kanye West and Diddy becoming judges, we can all put those to bed. The producers will be looking closer to the Country Music side for some judges to complete the table for the new season!

Who do you all think would be some more good options (country music side) for judging the 12th season of American Idol?


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