Lego Mini Figure Killer On The Loose

My boys have Legos.  LOTS and LOTS of friggin’ Legos. And I freakin’ find them EVERYWHERE… in my purse, in the couch, in their pockets, in the washing machine filter, in the DISHWASHER, in the yard, in the sandbox, in my car…

But when I found one MURDERED in my house, that’s when I decided it was time to investigate! Let me tell you, it was bad… decapitated heads, torsos with missing arms… Indiana Jones without his lasso!  Oh the HORROR!!!

Finally, the rampage can be seen on the big screen (OK, your computer screen or smart phone… but who’s counting?) with my feature film entitled, “The Lego Killer” (cue the dramatic drums and a woman screaming).  The Lego Killer… click PLAY below!

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