Craig and Company Intern for Miss CT!

Joelle, our lovely and talented Craig and Company intern is closing one chapter on her life– interning at the insane asylum known as 96.5 TIC– and moving on to another fabulous chapter… running for Miss CT!!!  If ever there was anyone I thought could make it, it’s Joelle.

 Craig and Company Intern for Miss CT!

She’s smart, funny, sweet, sincere, athletic and well… beautiful.  The best part about Joelle, is she’s a woman that other women like… and that’s sometimes hard for us ladies to admit!  Come on, you know it’s true… the whole, “who does she think SHE is” syndrome.  And that’s because some people are beautiful pageant-types AND they KNOW it and are sure to let us all know it too.  Not Joelle… she’s humble.  So if you’d like to support sweet Joelle, be sure to go like her page and if you’re really feelin’ the love, drop a buck or two or twenty in her fundraising paypal account!  :) Go Team Joelle!

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