New Matchbox Twenty Video Requires Box Of Tissues

Ok, I’ll admit it… I’m an emotional mess.  My babies are going back to school, I’m going thru some kind of hormonal change (hey, I’m ONLY 40… isn’t that too SOON???)

Anyway, sometimes I just need a really good cry. You know, the kind of cry that makes you remember the good times, the snuggle times, the new-born peach fuzz sweet baby times, the “mom, I did it” times. The I love you times.

Enter the new Matchbox Twenty video for their single, Overjoyed (to be released Tuesday).  It’s one of those backwards videos where it starts with the pregnant wife and goes backward to the proposal and (grab the tissues) grade school. The main character throws a paper airplane (more tissues), the girl picks it up and opens it (sobbing) she reads the message (full on hysteria). You get the picture!!!

You gotta see this video if only for the sole purpose to make me feel better for not being the ONLY one who resorted to water works while watching it!

Check out the video right now over at Huffington Post. 

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