Billy Bush Does The Olympics Again Tonight

As we wind down the week from the Olympics we’ve got another huge show tonight!

Track star Lolo Jones broke down in tears on the Today Show… and Billy talked to her right after.  She tells him everything– her loss last night, her outspoken tweets and being targeted by the media for being too pretty.  You need to hear this dramatic interview!

Also tonight, Aly Raismen became most decorated gymnast of the Olympics… and Billy has her exclusively!  We find out how this 18 year old is coping with so much success, and talking fashion with the Duchess of York Kate Middleton.  Plus, more from Michael Phelps, as he discusses swimming with sharks later this Summer, and talks all about his hero– and fellow Michael– Michael Jordan!

If all this Olympics coverage isn’t enough, Billy also takes a look at the top-paid Celeb Couples… who makes the most?  Is it Tom & Giselle?  Jay & B?  Or Posh & Becks?   And later on, Jimmy Fallon comes to London, and stops by the show for some laughs… and Justin Beiber ruffles some British feathers in the Celeb Report card!

Tune in tonight for another Gold Medal installment of the Billy Bush Show– it all starts right here on 965 TIC at 7pm!!


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