Oprah Shows Off Her STUNNING Natural Hair

I’ve always been an Oprah fan… love her when her weight is up, love her when her weight is down.  She helped inspire me to start running… what runner hasn’t tried to beat “Oprah’s Time”  of  approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes in the ’94 Chicago Marathon?!

For the record, I’ve run 3 marathons and NEVER did it under 4:30 (my best time was for the Marine Corps Marathon, 5:18) and I’m totally happy with that!  🙂

Anyway, I stumbled upon this beautiful picture of Oprah showing off her natural hair for the cover of the September issue of “O” magazine and I just had to share.  I applaud women (and men) who are happy as they are… not trying to mask who they are.

Hey, I dye my hair platinum blonde, I’ve used hair extensions, Spanx, spray-tans, tried Botox between the eyes… but honestly, I’m happiest after coming back from a run… all sweaty, no make-up… just me.  Thank you Oprah for reminding me today to celebrate me.  To anyone who is thinking they need to conform, to change… remember… it’s the DIFFERENCES in you that make you stand out, that people love and admire and even covet, and it’s your unique features that YOU need to celebrate!

oprah hair jpg 2006211 Oprah Shows Off Her STUNNING Natural Hair

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