What To Wear At A Tough Mudder

This past weekend my husband, George and I ran the New England Tough Mudder at Mt. Snow in Vermont.  It’s 10 brutal miles UP a ski slope with 23 elite military obstacles including a 10-thousand volt electric shock obstacle!  I saw some people wearing tank tops and shorts…uh, not smart…especially since you have to army crawl through mud, rocks, water, tunnel through more mud and rocks and army crawl under barbed wire and ELECTRIC wire.  Your best bet? Wear super-tight, lightweight fabric.  LONG SLEEVES. LONG RUNNING TIGHTS.  You WON’T get too hot.  In fact, the long fabric protects you from sunburn preventing you from overheating.  Plus, you’ll be plunging into icy water throughout the course so you’ll frequently cool off.  The fabric will then keep you cool after you get wet.  Further, long sleeves protect your arms from the electric shocks, rocks and mud and barbed wire and same for the long running tights…your knees will thank you.  I would also recommend RUBBER gloves specially made for obstacle courses, a pair of WOOL socks that don’t absorb water, trail shoes/cross training shoes (NOT traditional running shoes–you’ll twist your ankle)  and a small Camelback backpack.  Personally I wore:  a Nike Pro Combat spandex shirt, a pair of CWX running tights, “Darn Tough” brand socks, New Balance Minimus shoes (MT20 v2), Mad Grip Pro Palm Gloves, and a camo running skirt to cover my butt!  There you have it…NO EXCUSES..go take on that challenge!

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