Adam Lambert Possible Judge For “American Idol” Season 12

Sources have reported that American Idol has been in talks with Adam Lambert, for over a month, to judge the 12th season of American Idol coming up next year.

Now according to these are all still just “reports” and “talks” nothing is confirmed or possibly not even close to it. But it isn’t a secret that American Idol is looking for others to possbily judge next season since Jennifer Lopez is still undecided on if she will return or not.

As many people would think, this move for Adam could be a great one. He knows his music, he has also been on both ends of the spectrum after being a runner up back in season 8 of American Idol. “This could be a huge move for Adam” says a close source to

For the first 10 seasons, American Idol has been fortunate enough to keep the same judges, but after 2012 when Simon decided to leave and start “X-Factor” it is safe to say American Idol never had any “set judges” that they were confident about in staying for the long term.

Let us know what you think… Vote below on if Adam Lambert would be a great judge on the upcoming Season 12 of American Idol!


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