Olly Murs Talks Opening for One Direction And Harry’s Extra Nipples

British sensation Olly Murs is cleaning up with the fans while he’s out opening for One Direction on their summer U.S. tour. And he says U.S. fans are “so much different than U.K. fans.”

Murs sat down with CBS Local to talk about what he’s learned about American fans on his first trip over the pond, but his impressions are a little skewed because he’s opening for the phenomenons that are One Direction.

“I think U.S. fans do seem a little bit more crazier. They run, they faint all the time…I mean they knew all the words to my song and I haven’t even been in the U.S. How does that happen? They seem so excitable and they really can’t wait to see One Direction.”

These aren’t bad things, 1D fans. Murs is totally into the excitability of the fans he’s seen in the U.S.

“It’s always incredible and brilliant,” Murs said. “And I’m having such an amazing time.”

Since Murs is spending every night backstage with the One Direction boys we had to ask him if he’d seen Harry’s alleged four nipples, after the 1D guys ripped his shirt off onstage in Chicago.

“No, I have heard about these four nipples. I’m going to ask him though. It’s become a bit of an online thing, that he’s got four nipples…Yeah, I’ll ask him next time I see him. I promise the people watching that I will ask Harry about his four nipples.”

You heard it, so start Tweeting Olly Murs to make sure he did the investigative reporting he promised.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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