24 Hours And $10K In Las Vegas – What Would Neon Trees Do?

Just before Neon Trees took the stage at BFD 2012, Live105/San Francisco got to ask them the question “24 hours in Vegas and $10,000. What would you do?” Each member of the band had different ideas of what they’d do with cash in Sin City.

Expectant mother and drummer Elaine Bradley gave the most practical answer. She said, “I go to sleep and I save it. I really do.”

“The first thing I’d say is I’d go to Bellagio to get a room. And then in Neon Trees’ fashion we’d go shopping.” Bassist and Las Vegas native Branden Campbell said, adding, “We’d just blow it all on clothes. We’d probably just by one thing each. Like a Louis Vuitton jacket. But then [singer Tyler Glenn would] cut the sleeves off of it and spray paint it.”

Guitarist Chris Allen kept his sights a bit less fashion oriented and more old school Vegas style by saying, “I think I would just hit the penny slots – hard!”

Frontman Tyler Glenn mused, “I’d probably buy a plane out of Vegas.”

Campbell then revised his idea for the $10,000, saying, “Actually we’d go to Binion’s Horseshoe and buy the $1 brunch for 10,000 people.”

Neon Trees’ new album, Picture Show, is available now.

-Bradford Hornsby, Live105/San Francisco


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