Neon Trees Talk Touring While Pregnant & Old School Influences

Neon Trees have a had a very busy few months. They released their new album The Picture Show in mid-April and then in May their drummer Elaine Bradley announced she was pregnant. Not only has it not slowed them down, but they made time to stop and chat with Live105/San Francisco before their set at BFD 2012.

For some bands, having a drummer that is over 6 months pregnant on the road in a band with the high energy of Neon Trees could present a problem. Not for Bradley.

She explained, “It’s going well so far. We take it day by day. I’m not like a typical pregnant woman. I’m very much like I was before. So it has been fine.” She joked, “One of these nights at 3AM I’m going to be like ‘I NEED ICE CREAM!'”

Anyone who has seen or heard Neon Trees has surely noticed the influence of 80’s style and sound on the band. But frontman Tyler Glenn says the influences goes further back than the new wave decade. They includes classic pop, rock and soul among their inspirations.

“I think Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury [are influences]. A lot of Motown. My dad loved The Spinners and The Temptations. But I was never afraid of women soul singers too. Even Mariah Carey.” Tyler continued, “Growing up, I loved good soulful pop music but then I loved punk rock in about 8th grade. It’s a weird blend.”

Neon Trees’ new album, The Picture Show, is out now and they will be on the road throughout the U.S. all summer. Get dates at

– Bradford Hornsby, Live105/San Francisco


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