Have Zombies Finally Been Discovered?!

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Within the past week there have been two LIVE reports of cannibalism! The first report was in Miami and the second report was just 3 days later in Baltimore. Even though these have been the first reports in a while, do you think this happens everywhere? Could this be the start of a “Zombie outbreak” as seen in AMC’s popular TV series The Walking Dead and countless movies?

The first report happened earlier last week on May 26th, as a naked man was found by police eating a homeless man’s face. Before getting shot and killed by policemen, the man ate almost 80% of the mans face off.

A few days later on May 29th in Baltimore, police were called to a residence where they found a human head and 2 hands in the metal tin of the residence’s basement! It turns out the son of the man who owned the house, admitted to killing his roommate and had been eating his roommate’s body parts, including the heart and parts of the brain!

What most of you may not know is, that the same day as the Baltimore case, a man in California was arrested after getting in a fight with his cousin and biting his nose off! And a few weeks prior to these three cases, a man was charged and arrested for biting the cheek of an 18 year old woman!

We don’t know about you all, but what do you think this is? Could “Zombies” lurking around the world finally be stepping out in the open? Sydney Lace of Allhiphop.com said it best as she quoted Antoine Dodson, “Hide your kids, Hide your wife.” There may be zombies lurking in the shadows!

We want your opinion, VOTE below and let us know what you think!

Read more on the Miami Cannibal HERE.

Read more on the Baltimore case HERE.

Believe us when we say, these real-life stories are NOT for the squeamish!!

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