Hot Chelle Rae Talk The Magic Of Modern Technology

Advances in technology have changed so many things about music. From using ProTools to distort the voice (or make it sound better) to making affordable digital programs and equipment available to every bedroom karaoke star to making recording studios portable.

Hot Chelle Rae know something about that last item on the list. When they sat down with CBS Local, singer Ryan Follese told us, “We could actually record an album in the back of a bus, if it was necessary…not ideal, but it’s just true. You really don’t need that much anymore. Which is actually a great thing.”

Not only could you but guitarist Nash Overstreet told us about an unorthodox place they turned into an ad hoc recording studio.

“We recorded ‘Keep You With Me,’ on our album [Whatever], in a garage,” Overstreet said. “We recorded a lot of ‘I Like It Like That’ and ‘Forever Unstoppable’ in our garage as well. You can make stuff happen wherever you go.”

If you were recording an album, would you rather go into an old school studio or record in the garage whenever it’s convenient for you?

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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