Lady Gaga Plans Her Own Social Networking Site

Gaga+? GagaBook? TwitGa?

The name of the pop queen’s upcoming social networking site still remains unknown, but it is certain to grow the Born This Way singer’s dominance over social media. She currently has 24,430,680 followers on Twitter and 51,058,699 fans on Facebook.

The site is created by website Backplane, and will allow Gaga’s ‘little monsters’ the capability to share Gaga-related content and interact with fellow Monsters.

It has a feeling similar to Pintrest, where people can pin their favorite articles, and also resembles Reddit, where people can vote on their favorite articles.

Gaga also used the internet to grow her fame and promote her last album in various ways including “Gagaville,” an addition to the popular Facebook game Farmville.

The website is currently in beta-testing form, but you can asked to be invited by clicking here 


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