No Putting Baby in the Corner! Prom Chaperones Spray Lysol on Dirty Dancers

Chaperones at Manitou Springs High School were extremely unhappy with the dance moves displayed by the youth at their recent prom.

In fact, two of the parents who were supervising the prom allegedly called the teens “whores” and “sluts,” according to the Denver Channel.

The parents, dressed from head to toe in military drab, continued to display their disdain by obtaining a bottle of Lysol and spraying it on the teens.

The police report, obtained by The Smoking Gun, claims that the Lysol “got on their clothing, mouth, and eyes. It caused the students to cough and leave the area.”

The chaperones told the police department that bumping and grinding was “filthy” and “similar to what you would see on MTV.”

In a press release sent to The Huffington Post, the Manitou Springs School District said, “The alleged actions by parent chaperones during the high school prom are in no way condoned by the school district.”

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