Pauly D’s New Liquor Deal

Like many celebrities, Pauly D has joined the “Liquor Game” And According to, this liquor deal could set him up for life! The name of the drink will be “REMIX,” which is a series of vodka drinks with different flavors.

Pauly plans on changing the drinking game up a little bit. Instead of usually purchasing liquor that you can buy at a club, Pauly D wants “Remix” to be more of a pre gaming drink. Drinks that everyone can take before they go out and usually party.

Remember Skinnygirl Vodka? Well the founder of Skinnygirl, David Knar, sources say is Pauly’s partner on this project. Remix was brought to the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention in Las Vegas, and everyone loved it! Remix sold more at the convention then Skinnygirl Vodka did in 18 months total.

TMZ writes “Considering Skinnygirl sold for a rumored $120 million … Pauly D might be retiring before you can say GTL.” They have a point there. What do you think? Would you buy “REMIX” when it comes out?


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