Dumb Criminal: Man Arrested for Trying to Talk Dirty to 911 Operators, Again

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Clyde Hobbs was in need of assistance, so he called 911 for help.

Unfortunately for Hobbs, the type of assistance he was looking for was not something the dispatcher could assist him with.

Hobbs, 72, reportedly called Oklahoma 911 with a request to talk dirty. Not once — but seventeen times. Each time he called he would make sexually oriented comments towards the operators, The Oklahoman reports.

Police were dispatched to Hobbs’ home where his wife answered the door. When Hobbs was found, he asked police, “Are you here to arrest me again?”

Again? Well apparently this wasn’t the first time he called 911 looking for love. Police reports say he’s been arrested three times for his request, including once in 2007.

Clyde Hobbs was booked on charges of making false reports and has bail set for $34,000.

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