Evil Clown Stalks Kids for their Birthday

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In case having a regular clown scare children at a birthday party was not enough, Dominic Deville will now stalk your children for a week before scaring them face to face.

For a fee, the evil clown will send threatening texts, calls, and messages for the child warning them that they’re being watched and that they’ll soon be attacked, according to the Huffington Post.

Dominic told the Herald Sun “It’s all in fun and if at any point the kids get scared or their parents are concerned, we stop right there,” he said, adding that most children “absolutely love” being terrified by his antics.

Throughout the week leading up to the child’s birthday, “The child feels more and more that it is being pursued,” Deville told Metro. “The clown’s one and only aim is to smash a cake into the face of his victim, when they least expect it, during the course of seven days.”

Deville promises to back off upon the parents request.

Would you hire Dominic to scare your child for their birthday? 

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