10 Ways Dick Clark Changed Pop Culture

We think we can all agree that there will never be another Dick Clark in TV ever! There are so many different ways Dick Clark has changed the way Pop Culture is today, but check out what some of the top 10 reasons could be, and let us know if you agree!

Dick Clark was a pioneer at what he did and what he stood for. Since 1957 when he started with American Bandstand, he never looked back! He has helped Stars get to where they are or were today and has made things that “shouldn’t” be cool, Cool! Check out what EOnline.com thinks are the top 10 ways that Dick Clark changed Pop Culture and let us know if you agree!

1) Dancing to the Hits

2) Discovering the Stars

3) Making New Years Eve Cool

4) Building the Pyramid

5) Pranking the Rich and Famous

6) Crowning DJ’s as Kings

7) Popularizing Top 10 Countdowns

8) Rolling out the American Music Awards

9) Exploring Radio Syndication

10) Defining Agelessness

To see the explanations for each Top 10 Way Click here!

Dick Clark’s Final New Years Countdown:

Emmy Tribute to Dick Clark and The American Bandstand:


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