Hot Chelle Rae Talk Success, Googling And Weird Bus Moments

The guys in Hot Chelle Rae stopped by Kiss 95.1/Charlotte for a slightly different kind of interview. One based on Twitter questions submitted by their fans.

The band answered one question many people wonder about celebrities: do you look yourself up online? “Sadly yes,” guitarist Nash Overstreet admits. “It’s funny to look back and see the different hair styles, clothing styles because it changes so often. Even a year, year-and-a-half ago, we watch something like ‘wow’.”

But there’s more than just Googling themselves to keep them busy. The guys have had a major increase in popularity the past year. “2011 was our year as far as breaking out and becoming a band much more people knew about,” bass guitarist Ian Keaggy said. “[In] 2009 we put out our first album and nobody knew who Hot Chelle Rae was.”

When asked about the weirdest thing they’ve done on their new tour bus, lead singer Ryan Follese was quick to answer that it was where they filmed their “I Like It Like That” video. “We filmed it the night that we got the official copy of the song back,” Ryan says. “We were so excited about it that we just started hanging out and listening to it. And our manager pulled out the camera and next thing you know, we have a video.”

The band’s busy lifestyle doesn’t keep them from enjoying life on the road. “We only break when we’re not awake,” Ryan says in a typical lyrical manner. Hot Chelle Rae are continuing their Beautiful Freaks tour throughout the rest of April.

-Jodi Phillips, Kiss 95.1/Charlotte


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