This Is How You Handle The Idiots At TMZ

Chevy Chase was recently ambushed by reporters from TMZ, attempting to get the actor’s take on his recent dispute with his current boss, Dan Harmon from the incredible TV series Community. But despite his character Pierce Hawthorne tendency to be the butt of many jokes on the NBC comedy, it seems like Chase was channeling pure Clark Griswold smart-assery when it came to putting the gossip reporters in their place.

While Chase was trying to leave a tip as he left the Chateau Marmont, the TMZ reporters jumped in to ask him about his scuffle with Community showrunner Harmon, which has been all over the internet recently. Chevy casually tipped the reporter from his large wad of cash and ignored his question. When the reporters suggest Chevy was “all over the situation,” the actor quickly comments back that no– but the question has already been answered. He then whipped out a classic Chevy zinger, asking “What a dork! Are you guys with TMZ or  D-Gem-Ze-Butt-Ze-Gem?”

Chevy’s cantankerous attitude has caused him some problems in the past, but it’s great to see him having some fun just messing with these obnoxious reporters. Check out the full video!

source: TMZ


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