Madonna Chats on Facebook

She’s always been an innovator, but when it comes to promoting her new album <em>MDNA</em>, <a href=”/tag/madonna/” target=”_blank”>Madonna</a> is taking a brand new tack. She won’t be on any magazine covers or perform on any TV talk shows. Instead, the Material Girl is giving access to herself directly to her fans via social media.

On Friday, at 6:30PM EST, a live interview with Madonna was broadcast <a href=”” target=”_blank”>via her Facebook</a> page. Jimmy Fallon acted as the interviewer, but the vast majority of the questions came from her fans who were watching all over the world. Madonna fielded questions from exotic locations like Buenos Aries, England, and…Indiana.

The question and answer session took place in Facebook’s New York City headquarters, with company employees making up the live audience. On Monday, March 26, Madonna will host her first ever live Twitter chat at 10PM EST on the account <a href=”!/madonnamdnaday” target=”_blank”>@MadonnaMDNAday</a>, prior to the album’s release on Tuesday.

In the course of the chat, Madonna revealed that her favorite song on the new album is “Gang Bang,” that she wants to sing Serge Gainsbourg’s scandalous song “Je T’Aime, Moi Non Plus” in Paris, and offered several insights into her forthcoming world tour.

Perhaps most illuminating was what Madonna had to say about the process of picking which songs go into the show, in which she offered a preview of what fans can expect on the <em>MDNA</em> tour. “I like to have a theme for my show,” Madonna said. “I like to create…a dramatic arc and then I try to make the songs fit within that arc. That’s how I choose the music. So the first section of the show would be called — I’m giving things away I shouldn’t be giving away but — I like to title them. The first section I titled ‘Transgression’…then I’d have to go back into my catalog and think what songs fall under that category.”

Madonna is also trying another path to sell <em>MDNA</em>, by making it available on the popular design deal site <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>. Members can get a deluxe edition CD for a discounted price of $7.99.

<em>-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local</em>


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