A Game of a Game of Thrones

Do you love brackets but just can’t care about college basketball? Do you love dragons, medieval politics and maybe some creepy incest? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should probably check out the Game of Thrones Westeros Madness tournament! There’s no reason for those of us who prefer swords and sorcery to balls and hoops shouldn’t get to join in the bracket mania!

tumblr m0xzbubzv71rr813d A Game of a Game of Thrones

image source: gameofthronestournament.com

There it is, full of the competing houses and duplicitous backstabbers that occupy Westeros in the Song of Fire and Ice series. My money’s on Tyrion for the big “W” at the end of this bracket.

And since Season Two of HBO’s TV adaptation comes back the first week of April, well, I guess actually we all kind of win.

source: gameofthronestournament.com


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