Madonna’s New Song “Superstar” Features Daughter Lourdes

Madonna knows how to keep her fans always wanting more by releasing teasers and snippets of her new music. Perez Hilton broke the news this morning that Madonna has a special collaboration with someone very close to her on another track from MDNA.

Perez reports, “Madonna has her daughter Lourdes appear on a song on her new album MDNA, and the song is called ‘Superstar’.”

The one minute preview starts with Madonna singing:

“You’re my gangster, you’re like Al Capone/You’re like Caesar stepping on to the throne/ You’re Abe Lincoln cause you fight for what’s right/You’re my angel bringing peace to my life.”

Lourdes is heard faintly on the back-up vocals, singing with her Mom during the chorus, “Ooh la la, you’re my Superstar/Ooh la la, I love the way that you are.”

Madonna recently told The Sun about how Lourdes became her back-up singer on the track, saying, “She just came over to the studio that day. Then I said, ‘Oh, can you sing this part?’ and she agreed to.” Madonna continued, “She has a very good voice. She’s quite shy about it and won’t admit it. Lots of people are knocking on my door to meet her about everything, movies and what-not.”

Madonna plans to officially premiere the music video for “Girl Gone Wild” on March 20th, and the MDNA album hits stores on March 26th.

-Danielle Clasing, B96 Chicago


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