What’s Your Hunger Name?

Have a few minutes to burn at the office today? Why not get in the mood for The Hunger Games, by finding out what your peculiar moniker would be in the world of The Hunger Games… and as an added bonus, it will even tell you how you’d die in the competition!

One of the most notable things about The Hunger Games series is the very odd names of the characters– Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch aren’t exactly as common in our world as Tom, Dick or Susan.. but then again, neither is a brutal televised battle for survival among adolescents in a forest!

Keith Calder, Casey Kolderup, and John Holdun are helping to bridge both these culture gaps with their Hunger Names Generator— check out the site and it will not only assign you a suitably-odd Hunger Games-style name, but it will also tell you how you would meet your fate during the fierce competition!

hunger name Whats Your Hunger Name?

screen shot from hungernames.com

It’s a fun way to kill some time, and it’s totally getting us in the mood to check out The Hunger Games in theaters later this month!

Click Here to get your Hunger Name!

source: hungernames.com


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