Say It In Llama

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Aymara peasants watch llamas (Lama glama
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When it comes to font typesets, there are just so many decisions– do you keep it simple with a nice Times New Roman or Arial? Or go casual with Comic Sans MS? Or maybe you want to get a little crazy and go full-on Ravie or Playbill fonts?!? Well now the age-old question of which font type is best has been answered, thanks to Llama Font! Next time you have an important message to type, why not spell it out with a bunch of adorable llamas, contorted into the shapes of the letters!

Still trying to decide if my favorite llama-letter is the “T” guy, doing a headstand, or the “K” in mid-Rockettes kick.

llama font Say It In Llama

To make your own llama-accentuated message, Click Here!


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