J. Lo’s Wardrobe Malfunction: An Education

Did you see Jennifer Lopez at the Academy Awards on Sunday night? If so, you saw the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction she had while presenting with Cameron Diaz.

You can clearly see the outline of J. Lo’s left nipple sneaking out the side of her dress.

What’s that? You think it was merely a shadow and that’s not where her nipple would be?

Let me give you a little education!

an education J. Los Wardrobe Malfunction: An Education

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  • L. A. Gerr

    Hi Gary….two comments. The “showtime” idea about visiting and entertaining the “mature” folks in our community is a good one and I’d be happy to help with that. On of my first (paying) jobs involved just that.
    Secondly…WRITE THIS DOWN. Best laugh I’ve had in a while. It unclenched my otherwise clenched jaw.
    Coming from family of NY Jews and Christians I’m guessing it’s genetic?….funny stuff.

    Let me know when you need help with the show. I used to be a stage manager.

    L. A. Gerr
    Coventry, CT

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