Acoustic Cafe With Eric Hutchinson

Tonight is the night– Eric Hutchinson takes the stage for our legendary Acoustic Cafe series!! The exclusive performance will go down tonight at 6pm at the Russian Lady (expect live coverage from the show tonight, right here on…

The big question is, what songs will Eric play in his special acoustic set? We take a look at some of the singer’s top tunes, and make our predictions for which songs he’ll be playing LIVE tonight– check it out!!


1. All Over Now

To date, “All over now” is still Eric’s most popular hit… we’d be surprised if we don’t get treated to an acoustic version!

Odds he’ll play it – 1:1

2. Rock & Roll

Another major hit for Eric from 2008’s “Sounds Like This.”

Odds he’ll play it – 2:1

3. Facebook

Eric had a cool project going where fans could send him a theme and he’d write a song about it– one of our favorites was a song he wrote about the weird and strange stuff you find on Facebook!  It’s a little more spontaneous, but we’re hoping he busts out one of his fan-inspired tunes!

Odds he’ll play it – 4:1

4. You’ve Got You

We’ll tell you this much– Eric will definitely be rocking his keyboard at tonight’s show… what better reason that a great, key-driven song like “You’ve Got You.”

Odds he’ll play it – 3:1

5. Watching You Watch Him

Eric’s new single is already on fire, and it’s tailor-made to sound amazing performed live… it’s a safe bet he’ll bust this instant classic out, and we can’t wait to hear it!!

Odds he’ll play it – 1:1

We’ll know in a few hours exactly what songs Eric will perform live tonight… let us know what you think of our picks in the Comments below…

…and be sure to check out later today as we update LIVE from the concert tonight!!


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