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Five Ways To Get Through A Super Bowl Party (page 4)

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2. Live blog (or tweet) your misadventures in football.

There are tons of sports haters in the world and a lot of them are nerds who use the internet and love to complain about how boorish football is. If you’re especially funny (or especially bored) and want to make your journey into the world of sports something hilarious and creative, live blog or tweet the game.

Voice your confusion about what “off sides” means. Comment on the touchy-feely nature of the football players. Engage in some sort of spiritual quandary about the violent nature of football.

Mostly, ask the age old question, “Why do they call it football if they don’t use their foot?” Smart observation. Very smart.

Even if it’s annoying to your friends, hey, it’s fun. And, guess what? Their love of football is annoying.

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