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Five Ways To Get Through A Super Bowl Party (page 3)

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5 football nick lower getty images Five Ways To Get Through A Super Bowl Party

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3.  Find someone patient who will explain everything to you during the game.

Maybe you just hate football because you don’t understand. Like, why do they stop so much? What’s the point of the formations? Why do the players have to be so weirdly muscular?

If you can find someone, someone patient, who can explain the game to while it’s happening, you might be able to get through a Super Bowl party. Just develop a system where you aren’t disturbing the other watchers. Whispering, texting, writing down questions and answers on a note pad. Anything will work and you might have  a better appreciation of the game afterwards.

Or not. In that case, try another one of our ideas, binge eat, or attempt to hit on someone. That always cheers us up.

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