Ten Movies That Will Make 2012 Awesome

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2012 movies

Let’s start off the New Year right with a look at some of the most exciting movies being released this year… now, of course there’s going to be plenty of great movies coming in the next twelve months– some of which we probably know nothing about yet– but here’s our picks for the ten movies we are most EAGERLY anticipating!

10. Looper

looper movie promo poster Ten Movies That Will Make 2012 Awesome

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A smart, original science fiction story about the perils and paradoxes of time travel, Looper stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis, and advanced word is saying nothing but positive things for this action packed, time-twister.  The third film from director Rian Johnson, Looper will follow up his previous movies Brick and The Brother Bloom, which, if you haven’t seen are VERY worth checking out!

Opens September 28th

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