The Top Five BUSTED Calls of 2011

It’s that time of year where we remember all the great– and not so great– things from 2011… Depending on your perspective, the BUSTED calls can either be great or not, but either way here for your listening pleasure are the top FIVE hottest BUSTED calls we got this year… Take a listen, and be glad the person on the phone isn’t YOU!!

5. The Hairpiece Intervention BUSTED Call:

This is not your typical BUSTED call…  not by a long shot!

Instead, we will just call it a hairpiece intervention…

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4. BUSTED by the GPS!

When Rachel noticed her husband Ryan’s car had a ton of miles put on it recently, a simple look into the GPS showed that something wasn’t right.  So after she shared the story with us, it seemed only appropriate for us to do our best to see if he has another woman on the side!

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3. Love Triangle BUSTED Call

It has to be one of the worst feelings when you find another woman’s number written on a cocktail napkin in your husband’s pocket.  Well, that’s exactly what happened to Mary Ann last week.  Instead of confronting her husband, Steve, she wanted to call the woman who’s number she found!

Listen to what happens when this love triangle comes crumbling down.

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2. Bob and Stacy’s BUSTED Call

We usually have to try and trick someone into admitting they are cheating, but Bob came to us and told us immediately that he was stepping out on his wife, Stacy.  Not only that, but he wanted us to break the news to her.

Her response to this news was, well, interesting.  Do you think she was too harsh or not harsh enough?

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1. Steph and Brad’s BUSTED Call

Steph wasn’t so sure after her husband Brad stepped out on her in the past.  She figured it was just that — in the past.  Then she started getting that sinking feeling in her stomach that something wasn’t quite right.  So after hearing our BUSTED calls, Steph asked if we could help her find out once and for all if Brad will always be a cheater.

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