How To Dress Like Katy Perry’s Alter Ego Kathy Beth Terry For Halloween

So we’re doing a little Halloween costume contest all this week… a Katy Perry costume contest, to be specific! Here’s all the details on the contest, and how you can WIN front row tickets to Katy’s concert next month…. along with invites to our exclusive pre-party at The Russian lady!

We wanted to help you with your Katy costumes, so we put together a “how-to” guide to dressing up like Katy’s alter ego Kathy Beth Terry from the  “Last Friday Night” video, one of our favorite pop nerds of 2011! Her ’80s-looking outfit is perfect for a colorful Halloween night!

Just make sure you spend it like Katy Perry spends her “Friday Nights”–sans the puking in a rollerskate, of course.

Like, totally, fer shure, grody to the max.

The Hair:

If you don’t want to give yourself a full-on permanent (high five for not making that decision, girl), you can always curl and tease your hair like the girl in this video. You’ll need a fine tooth comb, tiny curlers, and lots and lots of hairspray. Maybe two cans depending on how thick your hair is.

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