20 Pop Artists & Actors Who Skyrocketed Their Career With Disney

Ryan Gosling

blog small ryan gosling 20 Pop Artists & Actors Who Skyrocketed Their Career With Disney

Actor Ryan Gosling attends the Premiere of Columbia Pictures’ ‘The Ides Of March’ (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Another member from the unforgettable sixth season of MMC, Ryan Gosling showcased his smart aleck attitude at a young age. He looks exactly the same, and pretty much has the same hairstyle. If you’ve seen Drive, Ides of March, or Stupid Crazy Love this year, you know that you’ll be seeing even more of him in the next few years.

This opening scene from an MMC episode features Ryan Gosling acting with Justin Timberlake. They are great together, so maybe we’ll see them co-star in a movie one day.

This video was thrown together by PopSugar in honor of Ryan’s 30th birthday, and shows off his singing over the years.

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