The Military Office Supply Crank Call

To the family and friends of the soldiers assigned to 877th Engineer Prime Beef Expeditionary Squadron in Afghanistan

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  • Douglas Margelony

    The crank call was awesome. LMAO
    Christine, Gary and the rest of the 96.5 crew, you are truly great people and your support for us assigned to 877th here in Afghanistan is motivantional. Words cannot describe our gratitude you have recognized to our family, friends and loved ones we all left behind in Connecticut months ago. “Sgt Rock” will continue to put posts on his facebook wall on what we doing here when time permits. For the record, we are making a huge impact on these folks lives here a little a time and a huge difference for our brothers at arms deep in the trenches.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made my day and the rest of the troops here from Connecticut day.

    SMSgt Douglas Margelony
    S3 Operations Chief, Regional Command North Afghanistan
    Camp Marmal
    Mazar-E- Shariff, Afghanistan
    APO AE 09368

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