Lady Gaga Raises Eyebrows During Bill Clinton’s “Decade Of Difference” Concert

lady gaga2 Lady Gaga Raises Eyebrows During Bill Clintons Decade Of Difference Concert

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No two Lady Gaga performances are ever the same and she proved this once again at the Hollywood Bowl, changing up the lyrics to several of her songs.

She explained to the crowd:

I’m 25 and just four years ago I was living in a teeny tiny apartment in New York, praying every day that just one person would believe in me. So I guess you can say that in some kind of weird and twisted New York kind of way, I love the American dream. It just takes one person to believe in you. So tonight I just thought we’d all get caught up in a little Bill romance.

And yes, she sang the personalized lyrics the whole way through!

After “Bill Romance,” she shocked the audience when she exclaimed, “I love you and your hot wife!”

Keep in mind that his “hot wife” is our current Secretary of State!

But having no shame, Mother Monster continued on, even dropping an F-bomb.

She then launched into a performance of “You And I,” with some more special lyrics for the powerhouse political pair. She sang:

It’s been 12 years since you came around. It’s been a long time but you’re back in town. This time I’m not leaving without you. So Hillary and Bill, sit back down where you belong in the oval office with those high heels on, sit back down on the couch where we watched you charm the whole world and the country.

Check out the unique rendition below!

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[Source: Hollywood Reporter]

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