Britney Spears to Release “Criminal” Video This Week

Everyone’s favorite pop-star/trainwreck, Britney Spears, took to Twitter over the weekend to make an announcement about her upcoming video for the song, “Criminal.”

Controversy rose, however, when photos of the pop star toting a gun around the shoot began to surface. Click ahead for more on this issue and to see what Britney had to say on Twitter!

Check out Brit’s Tweets below:



In regards to the controversy surrounding Spears‘ gun, politicians were not happy, saying Spears was glorifying violence in light of the London riots in August.

Watch this report from a local UK news station:


I can’t help but think this is a little sensational. Sure, London recently fell victim to some terrible acts of domestic terrorism, but does that mean a washed-up pop star running around with a toy gun on a closed set is glorifying or promoting violence?

No. Simply because something violent happens, doesn’t mean that all future violence will revert back to the original act of aggression in some strange cycle of violent influence. What? Exactly. Everybody chill out.

No word yet on an exact date for the release of the video but we’ll keep you posted.


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