Labor Day Weekend 2011: Weekend Travel Tips

Whether you’re flying solo to a warm locale or going on the road with family, holiday travel can be stressful. As you plan your Memorial Day weekend getaway, check out these tips for a smooth, safe (and sane!) journey.

1. Pack Light

If you don’t have the frequent-flyer miles or a credit card that lets you check your bag for free, try packing it in a carry-on, advises Alison Buckneberg, public relations specialist at Delta Vacations. You can discover new space in your suitcase and prevent wrinkles by packing your bag “army style.” Don’t know how? Watch a video tutorial.According to Buckneberg, most hotels and resorts not only offer hair dryers and shampoo, but also amenities like toothbrushes, contact solution, and razors. So save the real estate in your suitcase (and your bag of “3oz or less” liquids) and pick them up at the hotel. If you’re not sure about what your hotel offers, check their website or give the front desk a call.

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2. Keep the Family Happy

When traveling with family, Buckneberg also recommends looking for a hotel or resort that offers something for everyone. All-inclusive resorts are particularly great for families, she says. They offer unlimited food and beverages and include free onsite activities, such as watersports, games and classes.

Buckneberg also advises for families to get lost… literally. “Sometimes the best adventures a family can have is when they explore a new place together and help each other navigate through new situations,” she says.

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