Exclusive: Lady Gaga: Marry Me, Carson Daly!

lady gaga in studio Exclusive: Lady Gaga: Marry Me, Carson Daly!

Outfitted with a baby grand piano, soft red couches, and mood lighting, AMP Radio had its own Gaga-fied rebirth this morning.

While most days the average employee would saunter in mid-morning, the hallways were buzzing with excited staff members and the lucky winners who got to watch Lady Gaga’s exclusive, intimate performance while literally five feet away from her.

[pullquote quote=”It’s too sunny for me. I like pale, dark, lonely. I like to wear veils because I figure there’s always someone that’s died. There’s always a reason to mourn. ” credit=”Lady Gaga on Los Angeles”]As the winners waited in another room, Lady Gaga came into the performance space and sound-checked abbreviated versions “Edge of Glory” and “You And I,” which Gaga later announced as her next single in her interview with Carson Daly.

Wearing what one would dare to call her “casual morning look,” Gaga was still gorgeously turned out in an avant-garde and 1940’s-style royal blue vintage serge skirt suit, royal blue Christian Louboutins, and royal blue tights with sheer panels, a “Born This Way” side ponytail, and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elton John[/lastfm]-esque round sunglasses.

Gaga described her outfit to Carson Daly on air, saying that she was wearing a “vintage Nuglare suit. It’s blue. Some matching blue tights and a ‘Born This Way’ side pony.”

Her outfit was perfect for Gaga’s general distaste for sunny, hot weather climates, including Los Angeles which she says she prefers in small doses:

It’s too sunny for me. I like pale, dark, lonely. I like to wear veils because I figure there’s always someone that’s died. There’s always a reason to mourn.”

“I’m not really a sunny, sunny, sunny…but, it’s really beautiful here and actually, the minute we touched down in Los Angeles I felt this wave of ahhhhhhhh [Lady Gaga sighs]…I just like to really relax and enjoy the sunshine. Like I said, I live in a cave.”

Although Gaga is not a huge fan of sunny Los Angeles, she does name drop East LA in her song “Americano,” which she explained to Carson at the behest of one of her fans:

“We talked a lot about immigration law in America and Prop 8 as well which was actually overturned while we were on the road and while we were writing music.”

“So I wrote ‘Americano’ about equality, about freedom, and we chose that neighborhood in Los  Angeles because there’s so many people affected by those laws living here in Los Angeles.” 

[pullquote quote=”When you look back, movie stars sort of created their own sense of fame.” credit=”Lady Gaga on fame”]Despite the impeccably pulled together outside, Gaga wasn’t stuffy or remotely snobbish in her demeanor.When Daly mentioned how fast her career has escalated, Gaga said with utmost sincerity:

“Yes, it’s been very fast and I’m really very grateful that I just get to do what I love everyday which is write and create music.”

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