Top 10 Girl Power Pop Songs To Bring Out Your Inner Diva

Hey, girlfriend: You’re awesome. No, really. You’re beautiful, funny, and who really cares what the haters think?

We’re not the only ones that think that; your favorite pop diva is here to make sure you handle your business by giving you track-after-track of inspirational girl anthem.

Here’s our list of our Top Ten Favorite Girl Power Pop Songs To Bring Out Your Inner Diva. Anytime you feel down, pop on one of these songs, put your chin up, stare life in the eye, and just remember that a diva is just a female version of a hustler.

10. “Peacock”- Katy Perry

Girls are always objectified by guys. In Katy Perry’s song, “Peacock,” she is not afraid to turn the tables around.

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