Harry Potter: Top 10 Mellow Songs About Magic Perfect For Musical Muggles

Tortured yet courageous wizard, Harry Potter, his wizard friends, the unsuspecting Muggles (or humans), and even the magical moving castle that is Hogwarts, has become stuff of unparalleled fanaticism.

A decade since the début of the first Harry Potter film, there will be a hole in our sorcery-loving souls where there was once the annual ritual of cinematic eye candy and magical misadventures. In honor of the last Harry Potter film ever, we’ve made a list of the Top Ten Mellow Songs About Magic perfect for us “muggles.”

10. “Magic”-B.o.B featuring Rivers Cuomo of Weezer

bob bryan bedder getty images Harry Potter: Top 10 Mellow Songs About Magic Perfect For Musical Muggles

Photo by Bryan Bedder//Getty Images

If Harry Potter didn’t learn the fabled alchemist power of turning nothing into gold, Hermione must at least have the magic in her:

I got the magic in me,/Every time I touch that track it turns into Gold/Everybody knows I’ve got the magic in me/When I hear the flow the girls come snapping at me/Now everybody wants some presto magic/Magic, magic/Magic, magic, magic/Magic, magic, magic/Oooooh/I got the magic in me

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