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Mail-Order Meat: Top 10 Meat Fixes We Are Going Postal For (Literally) On The 4th (page 5)

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6. Bacon Explosion

baconexplosion Mail Order Meat: Top 10 Meat Fixes We Are Going Postal For (Literally) On The 4th

Speaking of MORE MEAT, Just the words “bacon explosion” make us instantaneously hungry.

If you are into crazy amalgamations of meat (like the infamous Turducken), get this delicious monstrosity called the Bacon Explosion. Lie to your friends and family about your cunning cooking skills.

The Bacon Explosion is bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage, doused in Kansas City-style barbecue sauce/rub, pre-cooked and shipped to you. Those are really all the details they will need before they start shoving it in their pretty little faces.

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